The mission of the Perth Disc Golf Club is to serve its members through organizing and hosting tournament activities, overseeing the course, and participating in outreach activities that promote the growth of disc golf in the immediate area as well as the surrounding region.

2017 Trilogy Challenge

Registered Players

First Name Last Name Player Division City RegoNum
Rick Penlington MR Perth 15972127f747772.63372544
Andrew 6169 MR WAIKIKI 1597213e8108bc4.51123450
Edward Nelson MA Gosnells 15972171b0859b8.90480465
Sue Summers W Bassendean 159721c4aaff232.64851100
Ken Summers MA Bassendean 159721d03d67ad0.94898332
Reece 6021 MA Stirling 159721d74801106.45325512
Tim Young MA Bassendean 1597220be4bf176.41750376
Boat McQuade MA Perth 15972372ce1b040.95074964
Trent Jones MR South Perth 159726cb2446c69.71731218
Julie O'Donoghue W Churchlands 1597286e4b52376.57239370
Ben Newman MR Perth 159728bbbe42858.04153690
Lincoln Newman MR Perth 159728c2fd950d6.71539573
Jacob Stanley MA Hocking 159728f28e69c05.41737029
Kris Kohout MA Balga 1597290cf0278a2.51232937
Ross Gustafsson MA Perth 159729760254834.12684109
Jason Monk MR Alexander heights 159729a276ed0c3.45781313
Jordan Clarke MA DUNCRAIG 15972b3880b4984.26773682
Carl BELLESINI MA Wembley 15972be7df2f3a9.70507455
Keenan Vellios MO Perth 15972da238d0e86.20257867
Dylan Lamb MO Fremantle 15973201262ae81.08484798
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